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The Numbers don't lie


Businesses successfully launched


Appointments booked


In revenue generated

The stats are crystal clear (and scary)...

97% of businesses never make it off the ground.

And to make it even worse, the few who do go broke within 3 years.

Not exactly good odds are they?

And it's only getting worse...

The barrier for entry have never been lower...

And new competitors are flooding into the market every single day

Your average prospect is getting bombarded with outreach and advertising on a daily basis...

And to make it even worse...

It's highly likely they've already been burnt by one of your competitors, making it more difficult for you to even get a meeting, never mind a sale!

This means that you need to nail your offer and your sales process if you stand a chance and you want to make sure you don't get lost in a sea of noise.

Getting your first clients on board can seem like rocket science when you don't have a proven roadmap to follow.

Luckily for you we specialize in getting high-tickets offers off the ground and putting the foundations in place to not only allow you to survive, but thrive and dominate your market using our Launch Roadmap.

We've mapped out the exact 33 step roadmap you need to follow to get your first 5-10 paying clients, refine your offer, collect your initial case studies, and build a hyper-profitable, scalable business in 12 weeks flat!

Here's an overview of how it works...

THE launch™ roadmap

how it works

week ONE: Offer Creation

STRUCTURE YOUR CORE OFFER using our 6 pillar offer creation process

Not all offers are created equal and not all offers scale. Using our 6 pillar offer creation process we work with you and your team to structure the perfect core offer for your specific market including pricing, positioning, messaging, packaging, etc. This part is crucial and if you get it wrong you'll end up spinning your wheels indefinitely until you either run out of money or you just give up.

week TWO: Sales Funnel 101

BUILD YOUR MINIMAL VIABLE SALES FUNNEL using our battle tested funnel templates

Without a professional sales funnel you're going to struggle to gain traction and be taken seriously in your market. However, complex sales funnels can take weeks to build. What we need at this point is a minimal viable sales funnel. Our designers have built multiple high-converting plug and play templates for you to choose from so you can get your sales funnel up and running in hours allowing you to focus your attention on the important stuff like booking sales appointments and onboarding new clients!

week THREE: Lead Generation

Craft market-specific messaging and create laser-TARGETED lead generation campaigns to book sales appointments with KEY DECISION MAKERS

Gaining access to key decision makers will make or break your business at this point. Using our proven outreach framework, we help you craft high converting marketing messages that cut through the noise so that you can predictably book sales appointments with key decision makers.

Week FOUR: Sales

CLOSE your initial clients using our 3 tier closing FRAMEWORK

Once you have opportunities on the calendar it's time to close some deals and take on your first 3-5 clients using our unique 3 tier incentive framework that allows even the weakest of sales people to close deals.

weeks Five-twelve

Onboard, deliver, collect case studies, and further test and refine your offer

Once you have your initial clients onboarded it's time to deliver so we can get proof of concept. While we wait for our first case studies we use this time to close more clients and further refine our offer (messaging, offer, pricing, etc) to squeeze out every last percentage conversion before moving you into our Scale™️ program to scale your offer to 6-7 figures using automation, paid ads, and commission only remote sales teams.

Here's what a few of our clients have to say about our process...

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Automates from struggling to close a single deal to 19 new clients worth $1500-3000/month each in only 6 weeks

When Jason and his co-founder launched their marketing company in the automotive space they quickly realized that no-one wanted to take a chance on a "new company" and that selling their service wasn't going to be as easy as they first thought.

Even with over 10 years experience working in management for some of Canada's biggest automotive companies Jason and the team struggled to close a single deal, even to their former work colleagues and employers.

The Process

First we helped Jason and the team set up lead generation systems to increase the volume of sales calls.

Then we took a look at their existing sales process and identified 2-3 common mistakes that were causing friction during their sales calls.

And lastly, we created a brand new simplified sales script, completely repositioned their offer, and thought them how to use our sales process.

The Results

5 minutes into their next sales call the client agreed to buy (before they even got to their pitch).

Once that contract was signed I had Jason reach out to his prospects who had turned down their previous offer to make them our new improved offer.

By the end of the day they had 7 new clients in the bag and they added an additional 12 over the following 6 weeks.

Check out the video below where Jason talks about his experience working with The Growth Agency®.




Marketing & Advertising for Automotive dealers


From 0 to 19 clients in 6 weeks


Jason Wiens

Peachy Leads from struggling to close to increasing his prices and £21,000+ in revenue sold in 8 weeks

"I couldn't recommend Padraig and his team more. In just 2 months we've completely flipped the business on its head. From the sales so far we've closed a minimum of  £21,000 in revenue, but honestly it could be double that if we can maximize our client retention. Not only have we improved our client acquisition process considerably, but I no longer have to worry when I go to bed at night because I'm fully confident that the systems we have in place will generate us new business week in week out like clockwork as promised"

When we started with Luke he had a little experience in sales but wasn't confident in his ability to close deals at a steady rate and had therefore resorted to becoming one of the cheaper options in his market (which is common among business owners who don't have the systems and processes in place to sell at a steady, predictable rate).

The Process

The first thing we did was upgrade his messaging and scale his email outbound efforts.

Then we helped him completely restructure his offer and increase his pricing.

Lastly, as always, we thought him how to implement our sales process to close deals quicker and avoid long sales cycles.

The Results

Luke has closed over £21,000 in new revenue his first 8 weeks.

His calendar has more appointments and he has a predictable sales process in place but more importantly he has peace of mind that his business is on the right track and that he has the systems and processes to scale big and fast.


Peachy Leads


Lead Generation


£21,000+ in new business in first 8 weeks


Luke Finney

And if that's no enough for you, Here's what even more of our clients have to say...

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Launch™️ is a 12 week consulting program designed for high-ticket B2B entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business of offer and get their first 5-10 paying client in under 12 weeks.

Who is it for?

The Launch™️ program is for B2B entrepreneurs looking to take their new business or offer off the ground, or for those who have an existing business and are looking to launch a brand new offer.


Over the course of 12 weeks we work directly with you and your team and walk you through our proven 31 step Launch Roadmap to make sure you take the right steps in the right order.


We onboard new clients on the first of every month. IMPORTANT: Due to the nature of our business spaces are very limited and there may be a 4-8 week waiting list to get started.

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